October 15


Using WordPress to support E-learning activities

The global coronavirus pandemic has placed an enormous amount of pressure on various industries within the world. Some businesses had to shut down while others are treading above water.

Educational institutions are finding & creating various avenues to keep the academic year alive. Another factor is to maintain a smooth flow of communication between the educators & their respective students. Long distance & e-learning platforms have gained a renown presence as of late but that might not be enough to aid for rescue.

WordPress is a platform used to generate content in the form of blogs. The platform is used by a variety of businesses ranging from e-commerce to portfolio websites. The platform is really versatile in terms of its content management system.

Benefits of using WordPress to aid with online learning:

Open-sourced platform
An open sourced platform allows anyone to have access to its features & functionalities.

Easy to use admin panel
Not everybody has a budget to allow for extra expenditure. Majority of individuals will usually hire developers & designers to tweak their website. WordPress has a general advantage over other e-learning platforms. There is a user friendly administration panel that allows users, even with or without a technical background to access & understand it.

Convenient way of accessing material
Due to the ongoing pandemic, this means that students won’t have access to libraries or student centres. It’s fairly simple for the teacher to upload notes & the same way it is for students to have access to it.

Ease of collaboration
It is important that individuals ensure that there is the same level of collaboration during the process of educating. WordPress has a few tools & features in place that allows students & educators to make comments & to engage in a professional manner.

Customizable themes & plugins
In order to attract students from different backgrounds, your e-learning website has to be unique & attractive. With themes & plugins readily available, you can customise every aspect to improve the functionality of your website.

Majority of activities are gaining an online presence. It’s never too late to start your journey with WordPress.



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