December 28


The .XYZ domain is increasingly gaining dominance. Here’s why

The three letters, X, Y & Z represents three generations of the computer age where the internet and computers have been around for. The internet and computers are an important functional piece of technology that forms part of our daily lives. The extended domain has become a favorite amongst developers and designers. It goes without a doubt that the extended domain has established a name for itself around the world. The .XYZ ranks 5th amongst the top domains with 3 million domains registered under it according to Domain Name stat.

The history behind the .XYZ domain

The increasingly popular domain has a remarkable success story behind it with its big breakthrough in 2015. A parent group of the search engine megladon, Google Alphabet Inc. started using the domain extension which gave rise to 1.5 million registrations under the .XYZ domain. This was one of the first major corporations to make use of the domain. Once the figures started racking up to 6.5 million hits, the domain extension started to cement itself within registrars due its gain in popularity. There is no country specific or region – specific link that defines the domain which serves as an advantage.

The domain was intended to be a generic gTLD. It’s not targeting any particular class of registrant with an aim of being widely used amongst many. It makes a lot of sense for it to be broad due to the lettering which ads to the honest and tacky genius behind it.

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The advantages of using an .XYZ domain extension

A few gTLD’s contains a regional connection that can restrict domains to specific sectors whereas with gTLD’s this does not occur. The domain is internationally recognized which makes it an excellent choice for e-commerce shops, blogs or event pages.

The domains catchy name can make your website easily recognizable and remembered clearly which is important when it comes to word of mouth exposure. The domain is for everyone and everything whether you’re a corporate firm of a freelance photographer. The well rounded domain is simple, catchy and inclusive.


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