October 22


Join Our Team, Become an Affiliate!

You guys have been making our day with all your positive feedback over the phone, in emails, and on Review Sites. Not to mention we so appreciated your support on our Google Reviews! We were excited to read each and every comment and would again like to extend a thank you for all the support.

We recognize this is a two way street, and would therefore like to give you something in return for sending us new purchasing customers. Our Affiliate Program allows you to make 25% off someone’s purchase just for sending them our way. Think about it – someone buys just one hosting package at R184 for and you get close to R46!


Hostking.co.za has recently released the new version of our Affiliate Program and we’d like for you to test it out.  In case you’re not familiar, an Affiliate Program is simply a program that rewards you for sending new customers. We are able to track who you refer to us by providing you with a unique link to our site, this is called an Affiliate Tracking Link. Here’s how it works; you send a person to our site via your provided link, they make a purchase, then you get a monetary thank you. You can share your Affiliate Tracking Link with others by including Hostking.co.za banners on your blog or web site or by posting a shout out about Hostking.co.za with your special link through your facebook/twitter pages, or email, some of our current affiliates use facebook ads with budgets in place on the business.facebook.com site and sit back and watch how their funds grow. We have affiliates getting monthly payments from us ranging from R1000 all the way up to R8000+. You can get as creative as you wish on how you choose to promote, the bottom line is your referral makes a purchase, we reward you for it and you can withdraw funds through your client area once you reach R1000 each time. Have someone that has no job or requires some extra income – why not let him/her signup for this program and start making money. We’ll provide the tools and premade banners to get you started.

Intrigued? Get started by visiting: https://www.hostking.ph/affiliate

Wanna get in on the action but don’t have a blog or still not sure about what an Affiliate Tracking Link is or how to use it? We’ll help you! Just tell us how you plan to promote Hostking.co.za and we’ll guide you through how to do it.

Let’s make some money together! 


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