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How to Set Up your Netflix Account

How to Set Up your Netflix Account in South Africa

Netflix SA

What is “movies only” in Afrikaans??


Netflix has changed the way we view the world. Simple- online streaming for movies and TV shows. It has changed the way we entertain ourselves, how we optimize our free time, how we’re spending our quality time with family and how just need to be alone and binge watch(the way most prefer).

Netflix has created a platform which caters a variety of movies and TV series for each individual. I mean, there’s just soooo many to choose from. In the beginning, you might feel overwhelmed to make your decision but soon after that, you’ll be hooked. ?

Here’s how to set up your Netflix account:

  1. Go to ➡ https://www.netflix.com/za/
  2. Create your account by using your email ? and create a password.
  3. Its free to sign up, you can cancel anytime AND your first month is FREE
  4. Pick-Your-Price-Plan: Basic R99pm | Standard R139pm | Premium R169pm | Ultra R239

On all Pricing Plans, you may watch on your laptop?, TV? , phone? and tablet. ALL UNLIMITED MOVIES & TV SHOWS.

The only difference with the prices is the quality of streaming- whether its HD or Ultra HD.

With the Ultra R239 package, it is the higher quality audio.

5. Set up your Payment

6. Start your Membership

It’s really that simple. Once you’ve confirmed your membership, you start streaming and enjoying hour-less content of shows and movies. Netflix has dominated the Movie and TV industry by topping the streaming market. With Netflix’s stream of success, people do not see the need to sign up with their competitors when searching for a movie and TV provider where the whole family can enjoy.


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