March 24


Design a New Site or Update existing?

Not sure how to get started? Design Your Website using our easy to use DIY sitebuilder.

Steps to follow.

  • Go to www.hostking.ph/sitebuilder and choose a plan or go to https://www.hostking.ph/web-hosting and order a package of your choice.
  • You now have a choice to order a new professional domain or just use our free subdomain mysite.web.za
  • You will receive login details once done done to login to the control panel.
  • Load the URL and enter your login details. Alternatively login to your client area via our website. Go to My Services and click on the service you ordered. Click the “Login To cPanel” icon on the right panel to auto-login to the control panel.
  • Once in the Control Panel click the Sitebuilder Icon called “Site Builder” to start designing your website.
  • Go through the basic tutorials and play around with the features to get comfortable and design your website.
  • Once done all you need to do is click the Publish button.

Load your website URL and your site should be live on the web for you to start advertising your brand, business or personal site.


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